I got NOTHING I wanted for Christmas. Clothes. Who in their right mind likes clothes as a gift? Maybe from my wife, who knows my taste, and theoretically has the right to decide if something looks decent on me or not, is allowed to buy me clothes as a gift. Other than her, not a good gift. Even when I was 9 or 10, I HATED getting clothes. They never fit, and it's never anything I will wear to work. I did get a Home Depot gift card though. Mmmmm....a new cordless screwdriver.....an extention ladder....an outdoor lamppost.....

The movies I did get, you ask? Pearl Harbor, not bad. I guess enough has come out to redeem Ben Affleck from Reindeer Games. Also, For Love of the Game. Like Rick Astley, 21 Jump Street, and tickling my son until he is ready to puke, Kevin Costner is a guilty pleasure.

If you like sports, go to MSG and read Micheal Kay's column. The guy just makes sense to me.

I was at Stop and Shop on 12/26, and they had an aisle for Valentine's Day stuff. I know stores put out Christmas stuff before Halloween to "stimulate the economy", and all of that crap, but Valentine's Day? What is the deal? Can we wait until like January 3rd? Are there people who just HAVE to have those little candy hearts that say "LOVE YA", "YOURE MINE", "KISS ME", "YOU SUCK", "YOUR BUTT IS HAIRY", or that ever-popular "YO MAMA SAID YOU UGLY"? I guess my career in retail forecasting is behind me.


Hmmm. I think I can pretty much guess what my gifts are going to be this Christmas: gift card to Coconuts/Saturday Matinee, gift card(s) to Blockbuster, earring(s), and/or something related to Home Depot. Now, mind you, this is certainly not a bad thing. I love getting gift certificates/cards. In case my fondness for Rick Astley tunes haven't already illustrated, I tend to like things that others don't really care much for. Who would know to run out and buy me a copy of Opportunity Knocks on VHS? Is there a person on this planet who doesn't appreciate the talent of Robert Loggia?

Speaking of reading, I am almost halfway through Black House, the sequel to The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub. So far it rocks. There is little in life, from an entertaining stance, better than a really good long book. Other than a 20-man over-the-top battle royale, that is.

No work until January 2. That still sounds SO FRIGGIN COOL! Are you jealous? If you don't have to go back until the 3rd or 4th, you suck, totally.

I did just get rid of my cable TV. No antennea or rabbit ears either. We are strictly PlayStation and Video now. Thusfar, our house has not been the scene of unspeakable crimes, violent fighting, or gnashing of teeth. we actually played Yahtzee the other night. Ain't THAT cool? Maybe, I could get someone, sooner or later, to join me in a game of Scrabble. Now THAT would rock. I live life in the fast lane, obviously.


About the earring...I forgot to mention that I am pretty much a solid believer of "It is better to regret what you HAVE done, than to regret what you haven't done." Certainly applicable when it comes to a piercing, or something like that, so that is kinda why I finally did it. that philosophy is not so applicable when it comes to killing someone, methinks. Or carving your name in someone's buttock without their permission. Or farting in a crowded elevator. Actually, I have done the latter, not really on purpose though. It seems funny looking back on it, but I am sure at the time, others wouldn't have agreed. Good thing it was an SBD.
Well, haven't been here in quite awhile. Almost two months? I would be embaressed if I thought someone was reading. Yes, "It Feels Like the First Time" is running through my head....

.....but so is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Scary stuff.

Speaking of learning new things, someone at work was nice enough to define "tossing someone's salad" to me. Who'da thunk it? I had heard it said before, and assumed that it had some sexual connotations, but I did not intend to go there. If you don't know, don't ask. I feel like I should have known this, as little as it appeals to me. Hey, it's America, folks.

Got my ear pierced. I told myself "self, you are too old, for this is something you do in your teens or early to mid twenties." 32 ain't THAT old, I guess. I like it, although it was infected pretty bad last weekend. I woke up to find the stud embedded in my lobe. Not the worst pain, of course, but hardly comfortable. I dunno, I guess I just kinda like it. I think I might get one of those thick little hoops that pirates wear.....um, in the stories about pirates, of course.

Well, the Yanks lost the series in interesting fashion. The game, although our seats were about 13 or 14 rows in front of God watching from up in heaven, was awesome. What an atmosphere. There is no place like The Stadium, and no place like The Stadium in the midst of a post-season victory. I had chills, really, it was that incredible.

Speaking of my little girl, she is so funny. She is not a baby anymore. She is completely over her anemia, and then some. I fear having to take a second job to keep food in the house. I am definitely thinking about buying my kids nothing but sweats and spandex, because they grow out of clothes WAY too quick.

If you have never heard of him, find a way to download and listen to Richard Cheese. The only thing I have heard in the last year funnier than this guy is The Ultimate Christmas Collection. I thought I was going to soil myself. If you listen to Richard Cheese, and do not agree with my opinion, disregard that last statement.

Finally watched Me, Myself, and Irene. In my opinion, it was more hilarious than I thought it would be. I lent my copy of American History X to two people so far, and neither liked it. I am sure it is because they suck and have no taste. How friggin DARE them.

I can't really think of anything else. I feel somewhat caught up and complete as a person.


Game 5, Yanks/Mariners, at the house that Ruth built. I am so incredibly psyched! This will be my wife's first playoff game. We will probably (if past tickets are an indication) be the 4th row up on the third base line, about 1/3 of the way up the line past third base.


My daughter was in the hospital this past weekend. Very sobering, of course. She had severe anemia. For her age (almost 18 months), her hemoglobin should be up at 11, and when we brought her to the hospital after the doc called when he got her blood tests back, she was at a 2, that low in iron. She was in for two days plus, and what a trooper. Two blood transfusions, poked and prodded for over 48 hours, and she woke up Monday morning and started EATING like a champ. Her iron is up over 7 now, in less than a week, and wow, she is a brand new girl. Makes you think, especially about your priorities, as things can in life.

On a lighter note, something occured to me tonight at dinner (TGIFridays): I might actually eat a mouse if it had Jack Daniels Sauce on it. Mmmmmmm.......Er, the sauce, not the mouse.

Speaking about cool gifts, I got a $50 gift card for a movie place and here is what I got so far:

Hollywood Shuffle
Three O' Clock High
The Hitcher

I rule. Totally!


I brought my daughter to work today with me. She is 17 months, and it wasn't easy, but it was kinda cool. I was gonna call out, but I thought it would be more appreciated if I at least came in and got work done for a half a day. It went well - she was quiet, and she is sooooooo low maintenance. Why is it though, there are always people thinking that they are hilarious with the comment: "Wow, she is so cute! She looks nothing like you!" or even better, "She is beautiful! She CAN'T be yours! Um, yeah, that's funny. I had to ban 4 people from my workspace. I did notice, however, that I had more people coming in to see her, than when I brought my son in a week ago (he had a delayed opening...).


I guess until 9/11, Collateral Damage really did sound like a good action flick. It is weird, because (I am sure I am not the only one) every day, I think of something new which relates to the tragedy. I think the fact that all of the media outlets have hooked into calling it "ATTACK ON AMERICA" is kinda....lame. Not that I have a better idea, of course. I don't know anyone who lost their life, or is missing, but I feel very affected. My friend Chris was in the second building, and is still reeling, I am sure. I can't imagine being in such a scary, life-threatening situation. I left work awhile that day to go home and watch it on TV with Tim, a guy I work with. I just had to see it with my own eyes, and mutter "geez" every 20-30 seconds. It effects me in ways that I just can't put my finger on. I am a vet, served in the Navy for a few years on a nuclear-powered carrier. I feel a love for my country, a pride that didn't start 9/11. I had been to the WTC a few times, and seen it up close thousands of others. My eyes get kinda teary thinking about the first time that a spouse, child, relative, or friend of one of the victims heard at work or school: "Hey, didja hear? A friggin plane just flew into one of the Twin Towers!" My eyes get kinda teary thinking about how many times I told my son that "one of these days we'll go up to the top of the World Trade Center and look down on some clouds!" My eyes get kinda teary when I see that now-famous picture of the 3 rescue workers raising the flag on top of the remains in NY. My eyes get kinda teary when I drive under an overpass and see the flag hanging down from the top of the safety fence above. It just makes me wonder about what reprocussions will come about.

Scary stuff, and it's all real.

Also, I was watching Nickelodeon with my son, and there was one of those Oreo Double Stuff commercials. I don't know if you have seen it, but it has two kids on a park bench (looks like it might be right outside of NYC) eating said cookies. When one of them twists off the top part of the cookie, they show the creamy white stuff (you know what I mean, ya sicko) from the cookie like a tidal wave through the city. I don't think they actually showed the WTC, but they show people running through the streets, and well, you can imagine. I am not one to get outraged over something like that, but knowing that there are indeed people like that in the world, it would seem kinda weird for some Nick network/Oreo corporate suit guy saying "hey Joe, think we oughta put that Oreo creamy stuff commerical on the shelf awhile?" I mean, I thought of it, am I the only one? Doubtful.

Also 2, I heard that the hotels around Newark totally jacked up their prices that Tuesday night with all of the stranded people needing rooms, and all. I can't believe more of a big deal hasn't been made about THAT one. I would hope that I heard wrong, and that didn't happen, but I am unfortunately not shocked. Wish I was, though.....